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GoggleWorks’ Studio Artists

Did you know over 30 working artists have their studios in GoggleWorks?┬áMore than just a work space, GoggleWorks’ Juried Studios fosters growth by providing studio artists with a community of professionals in the field willing to regularly collaborate on projects within the building and are engaged with the community beyond our walls.

GoggleWorks’ Juried Studios house a wide cross section of the regional artist community and range from emerging to well-established professionals respected nationally in their disciplines.

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GoggleWorks’ Art Partners

GoggleWorks’ main building, houses a variety of cultural and arts organizations on our fourth and fifth floors; providing the local community with access to vital services and boosting our overall creative economic footprint. These organizations and small businesses vary but all are committed to the shared vision of a revitalized Reading through the arts.

Meet our Arts Partners