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Fall 2014 Classes and Workshops

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GoggleWorks offers a bounty of fun and artistic classes for all levels of learners. We have a great variety of classes and workshops that are suitable for a wide array of skill levels.

If you’re new to art, try looking into one of our many offerings for beginners. We have classes in watercolor, oil painting, ceramics, wood working, jewelry, photography and glass work, all built to foster the growth of a student new to this media. Our artist educators are great at helping guide students through the processes and completion of projects that will allow you to develop as an artist and art student.

Already have some experience? GoggleWorks also offers intermediate classes in various media for the more skilled student, allowing you to progress further. Just stopping by? How about partaking in one of our many one-day workshops? We offer fun, light-hearted workshops in various media that allow for a small taste of GoggleWorks.

Try our GoggleWorks: Night Out offerings. They’re a casual, informal way to have fun in a studio and create a wonderful work of art. We also offer workshops in photography and glass that are designed to blend a fun experience with art education.

Are you a professional artist? We also offer rental time in all of our studios. We’re always looking for artists to come work at their leisure in all of our studios and buildings. Rental rates vary – please refer to our website for more information. I welcome all to come and enjoy GoggleWorks, whether for a visit to our store, our movie theater or to
see the many splendid galleries and artist studios.

Brian Foreman, Program Director

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GoggleWorks reserves the right to cancel a class based on insufficient enrollment. Registered students in such a class will either not be charged or issued a refund.

Refunds: GoggleWorks issues refunds for cancellations made by students up to 10 days before the start of class, minus a $30 administrative fee. Tuition fees for cancellations made by students after that date are not refundable. It is the student´s responsibility to attend the class for which he or she has enrolled. There are no refunds for classes that have not been attended. Students may not make up a missed class during another class. If you are ineligible for a refund but have not attended any sessions of the class, you may request an acknowledgement from GoggleWorks Program Department, which will enable you to claim your unused tuition as a tax-deductible contribution.

For Parents: Students under the age of 13 must be escorted to and from their classes by an adult.

Photographs: GoggleWorks reserves the right to use photographs taken during classes and other programs for the marketing and promotion of the arts center. Any person who does not wish to be photographed or does not wish to have his or her child photographed is asked to notify GoggleWorks upon registration.