Rental FAQs

What’s included in the rental fee?
– events rental supervisor on site
– cleaning staff
– heating / air conditioning
– free parking for up to 125 vehicles
– loading dock, rolling carts, and freight elevator
– podium with built-in microphone
– lightweight easels for signage
– laptop projector and screen
– tables (60 long – 30″ x 72″), (6 high tops – 30″ round, 40″ high), (1 sweetheart – 36″ round)
– chairs (290 black plastic molded with chrome plate legs)
Security staff beyond standard hours and event insurance is available at an additional charge.

May we serve alcohol at our event?
Yes, if you provide GoggleWorks with a certificate of insurance covering GoggleWorks for up to $1,000,000 (one million dollars). We suggest that you work with your homeowner’s insurance agent to meet your requirements. If you choose to serve wine or beer, you may use a responsible adult (21+) to serve the alcohol. If you are serving hard liquor, a licensed bartender must be hired to serve the alcohol. Please note that alcohol service must end half an hour prior to the end time of your event.

What are the rules for decorating?
Whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, there are important things to remember when decorating in our historical building. Please do not hang anything from the electrical conduits from the ceiling, our lights, or sprinkler system. The only suitable hanging area is from the I-beams on the ceiling. Please bring your own ladder for ceiling decorating, GoggleWorks cannot provide a ladder for you. You are welcome to decorate the beams that are placed throughout the room, however, the fabric must be flame retardant and you must supply GoggleWorks with a fire rating by giving us a copy of the MSDS or certificate. Any fabric used to create a wall may not be higher than 8’ and renters must supply GoggleWorks with a fire rating by giving us a copy of its MSDS or certificate for approval. False ceilings may not be created and any items hanging from the ceilings on the I-beams may not deflect the sprinkler system. Draping and materials must be submitted prior to installation for approval. No open flames are permitted during your event. If you are having a wedding ceremony that involves a unity candle, special arrangements can be made with the Events Rental Director (ERD). There is absolutely no use of confetti or glitter in the building.

What is the latest my event can end?
GoggleWorks is open Monday-Sunday from 9AM-9PM. If you would like your event to occur past 9PM, there is an additional staffing/security fee of $30.00 per hour starting at 9PM. Events may last only until 11pm with the catering, DJ/Band exiting one hour after your event time. These arrangements must be made prior to your event day, with at least 30 days notice. You will not be permitted to extend the hours of your event at the time of the event.

Do you have a kitchen facility?
GoggleWorks has a caterer’s warming kitchen in Studio 238. We can accommodate sit down dinners for up to 215 people.

Can we smoke at or inside of GoggleWorks?
There is no smoking inside GoggleWorks or on its campus, including the parking lot. Guests must use the public sidewalk area for smoking, off GoggleWorks grounds.

Can we have our wedding ceremony and reception at the GW?
Absolutely. People have gotten married in our film theatre, as well as in our largest gallery space, the Cohen Gallery. Some of our couples have had a small ceremony in one of our more intimate spaces, and then opened the reception up to family and friends in one of our larger rooms. The fun thing about having your wedding at GoggleWorks is that there are things for your guests to see and do while they await the reception.

Do you have ample parking?
Yes, we do. GoggleWorks offers free, private and secure parking in our lot, which can be entered from 3rd, 2nd or Walnut Streets.

We are interested in having a corporate event, do you do teambuilding activities?
Yes! GoggleWorks has a wonderful teambuilding program, which can accommodate teams from 6 up to 200.

For more information, or to schedule a site visit, please contact:
Margaret Murphy, Events Rental Director
610.374.4600 x115