Get To Know GoggleWorks´ Studio Artists

Artist-of-the-month artwork is on exhibit in the studio lounges on the 2nd & 3rd floors.

Kevin Brett | Studio 315

Kevin-Brett Please click here to view a video interview with Kevin Brett.

Kevin finds it very challenging to take everyday, overlooked objects or subject matter and capture them in ways that the viewer can extract feelings from personal experiences of their own. As when he worked in other mediums of visual art such as drawing, painting and sculpture, great effort is made to have everything within the compositions become valuable characters in the motionless plays captured through a lens. The use of unusual and dramatic angles gives the photographs views intended to make seemingly insignificant items a bit more powerful and emotional. Kevin´s style of photography is very pure and traditional but there are always conceptual intentions behind all the fine art images created. While rarely including people in his photographs, Kevin attempts to capture what it is to be human in every image. Each photograph is titled with only one word. The ambiguity of a one word title only opens the door for the viewer with freedom to roam through their own thoughts rather than defining the images with a complicated heading trapping
the viewer on the surface and not allowing the unrestricted journey beyond the scene.


JL Carothers | Building 4


Platemark Studio

Artist’s Statement
I am driven to portray my love for nature and organic forms. My focus is to explore related elements inherent in defining my subject beyond visual discription. My passion for printmaking lies in the endless variety of techniques for manipulating materials to express my ideas. My varied subjects may be handled as traditional tightly drawn etchings or abstract landscapes and figures in painterly monoprints. I explore textures, color layers, and design elements; incorporating hand-made papers and collagraph plates to add dimension. Most of the processes in the studio are “GREEN”(ecologically and artist friendly!). I paint in oil on canvas primarily plein aire paintings of landscapes, gardens, and historic architecture. I always carry a camera to capture interesting subjects often abstracted in macro formatting, a celebration of “the little things in life.” My artwork is displayed in National and International juried exhibitions and in several private and corporate collections.

B.A. in Art with three years post-graduate study in Printmaking . Independant studies in numerous studios including Union Printmakers Atelier, George Washington Univ. Washington, DC , the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA; Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY, and the Main Line Art Center, Haverford, PA.

Professional Associations
American Print Alliance, Philadelphia Print Center, Southern Graphics Society, Philadelphia Water Color Society Signature Member, CPF certified by the Professional Picture Framers Association, Biltmore´s Who´s Who Business Association


E-mail: or

Janna Carrozza | Studio 321


“Weaving with respect for the environment has been a passion for many years.” Janna Carrozza weaves eco fabric created and developed into works of art. The weavings consist of organic cotton, tencel, soy silk, banana silk and corn silk. Most of the fiber is dyed with natural plants and flowers.

Janna attended Philadelphia University, where she studied Fashion Design. She later transferred to Kutztown University where she received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Art Education. Janna also completed a Masters degree in Education.

Janna is involved with community mural projects in the city of Reading. She works full time as an art teacher as well as an artist.

Alan Cernak | Studio 306


Norakuro — or Black Stray — is a 3-D adaptation of a 1934 japanese manga of the the same name.
It is part of a series we have begun using historical manga as the basis for similar constructions.

Mary Lou Creyts | Studio 204


Mary lou is an award-winning artist with a specialty in commissioned portraiture and caricatures. She also features colorful and energetic pastels, water color and oil paintings.

Juried Exhibits: “The Natural World” GoggleWorks; “Art of the State” Harrisburg; “Philadelphia Sketch Club- Pastel Exibit- Honorable Mention’ Berks Art Alliance Juried Exhibition, Court Room Artist.

“I particularly enjoy commissions, be they portraits (People or pets) or other requests. I have a great deal of teaching experience in a wide variety of mediums.”

April D’Angelo | Studio 216


Please click here to view a video interview with April D´Angelo.

April D´Angelo has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Moore College in Philadelphia. She has been painting watercolors, acrylics and portraits since 1989.

April also enjoys illustrating childrens´ books and teaching art lessons. April has exhibited in several shows in Chester and Berks counties. She belongs to The Artists Circle group and is a founding member of Flying Colors Fine Artists group. Both have annual shows in Chester County.

e-mail April D´Angelo at

Miles DeCoster | Studio 323


Miles DeCoster is a painter, printmaker, photographer and book artist. His work has been shown throughout many exhibitions in the United States and Europe and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the California Center for Contemporary Photography and others. He has
received grants from the Chicago Council for the Arts, the Illinois Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Washington Post and the Headlands Institute for the Arts.
Mr. DeCoster has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis and a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Adry Eberhard | Studio 205


Adry Eberhard is both a self-taught and classically trained artist. She has studied art since she was 11 years old. Her strengths are portraits and landscapes in all mediums including pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic and watercolor. Adry mixes her lifelong appreciation of art and her knowledge of Art History with her understanding of different methods and materials. Creative, enthusiastic, patient and skillful, Adry is well suited to help kids translate their raw creative energy and life experiences into art.


Roger Evans | Studio 212


Please click here to view a video interview with Roger Evans.

Roger J. Evans, BA Elementary/Secondary Art Ed, (Special Talent Scholarship from McKenderee University).

“I have worked with both graphic and fine arts throughout my career. I have had a working studio at The ArtWorks at Donecker’s and now at GoggleWorks. My original watercolors and lithographs have sold both regionally and nationally.”

Roger believes that painting is the by-product of true art: the art of perceptions.

Watercolors lessons available.

Phone: 610.898.0553

Suzanne Fellows | Studio 312


Please click here to view a video interview with Suzanne Fellows.

What if you were the last human on Earth? Your piercing loneliness in elsforggsharp contrast with the spectacular beauty of the planet – how long could you maintain any optimism about your situation? Late last year I was working on a song about the last Western Black Rhinoceros which led to a large painting of a rhino; I suddenly realized that my work in the visual arts had been about sustainability and extinction for some time… honeybees, extinct butterflies, GMOs and… elephants.

In 2013, 36,000 elephants were murdered by ivory poachers. China (the US is in second place) buys the ivory which funds most of the wars and terrorism in Africa. People are perpetually surprised that this situation persists, but the poachers are well armed and they have helicopters.

In 2014 I am making 36,000 elephants, 99 a day, small gouache prints that are the size of ATCs. Sales benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya where elephants orphaned by the ivory trade are lovingly raised until they can be reintroduced into the wild. Follow my progress at

99 Elephants a Day is being exhibited at Studio B in Boyertown this summer and at Gallery 314 in Kutztown during the month of September, opening reception Saturday September 13, 6 – 9 pm.


Melissa Fiskaldo | Studio 217

Artist Statement


We all have a place we have come from and a story to tell; a journey of how the small parts that make the entirety of who we are came to be as we navigate through the world. These small units and the nature around us is what intrigues me most and influences my work. Nature holds so many secrets for us to learn if we only just look closely. What may appear as a larger smooth creation to the untrained eye, turns out to be a complex pattern or texture up close. Humans are no different. We appear as a simple shell on the outside, but are very complex creations with textures and patterns of our own that can be found in our personality and what we have experienced over our lifetime.

These units, relationships, textures, and patterns all find their way into my work. In sculptural and ceramic pieces I bring attention to these through surface treatments on thrown and hand-built forms that mimic what is found in nature by carving, piercing, and scratching their surfaces.

It is in my fiber work where I find the most connection between the world around me and the expression of that through a medium. It is malleable, pliable, and can be found everywhere we look. Those around me seem to experience that same want and need to reach out and touch the woven, crocheted, and felted pieces I create. This is just one more aspect of the medium I am drawn to – the intimate connection we all have to fiber.

In my current work, I combine ceramics and fibers together to explore the relationship between the two mediums – how they can express the textures and patterns found in nature and in ourselves. My intention is to also stimulate a deeper inner reflection process in myself and the viewer. The pockets and recesses are direct metaphors for the similarities found in nature and in ourselves – secrets, fears, mysteries, wounds, and small windows and glimpses into the past. These pieces require the viewer to explore and have a dialogue with the work. A sentence is not just given by me and received by them. Questions are asked, wonderings are pondered, and they begin to also reflect inwards.


  • BA in Art Education with a minor in Arts and Crafts, Kutztown University, Graduating May 2013
  • BA in Interactive Design, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA


Hilary Fraley | Studio 314


Encouraged in art from an early age, my paintings reflect my love of nature, its colors, patterns and seasons. I appreciate what Leornardo Da Vinci said, “Follow only one master: Nature”. I am especially drawn to landscapes, their personal history in the form of buildings or the spatial relationships of woods, sky and fields. I try to capture my impressions and memories through renderings of my sensational experiences of the chaotic natural forms of clouds, leaves, hedgerows, plant flora and undulations of geography.

I strive for emotional excitement in my paintings. I want to depict the fantastic physical occurrences of earth, the changing colors and forms, and the geometry of converging planes of matter and light. I also like strong colors. Before painting I draw patterns that are informed by my memory of spontaneous sensational experiences. Hopefully a feeling emerges from comingling forms and the color can unleash it. I enjoy the act of putting the paint on the surface and releasing the vibrancy of colors.

I hold a degree in Fine Art from Smith College, and I have studied at The Arts Students League in New York City, The Studio School in New York, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and at The Cleveland Institute of Art.

Call: 484-794-2000

Dan Gorman | Studio 214


I paint a variety of subjects in a realistic style with a focus on landscapes. I look for dramatic light that captures a moment in time and space. Good design is important to me, probably coming from my 25 years in the commercial art field. I also do found object assemblages, sometimes political, mostly just fun.

I participate in many regional shows throughout the year. I was accepted into the 2008 Paint the Parks competition, my first national exposure. I was lead artist on 2009 summer mural project through GoggleWorks Community Art Program. Primarily oil on canvas. Have done numerous commissions including portraits. Accepting commissions, with a six month lead.
I teach landscape painting in oils at GoggleWorks.


Andy Kaucher is a senior at Alvernia University currently studying Kaucher_resizedEnglish and Art. He’s been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. After graduating from Wyomissing Jr-Sr High
School in 2011, he began to study at Alvernia. With a passion for literature and poetry and a love for fine arts, Andy works to make his art as intellectually stimulating as it is visually engaging.
The fusion of the written word and art is what really drives Andy to push himself as an artist. He really believes that the best works of literature and poetry are paintings that just need to be put on a canvas.
“It wasn’t until I got to Alvernia, and discovered my love for literature, that I started to really understand art. They both tie so closely together that, for me, you can’t have a deep love for one without the other.”
With a studio at GoggleWorks, Andy looks to further himself as an artist and really push himself to create works that pull from the written word and his own imagination to inspire fellow lovers of the arts.

James Maria | Studio 206


James Maria is a recent graduate of Kutztown University´s Fine Art and Art Education programs. During his time in Kutztown, he began and now continues to maintain his studio production. In addition to exhibiting in international juried shows within the watercolor community, James also works with Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, Pa, near his home in Sinking Spring. His work is largely informed by Pennsylvania´spost-industrial landscape, from which he draws inspiration. Abandoned interiors serve as an unorthodox tool to explore and communicate spiritual truths. His work also employs art historical references, materials and techniques to subtly reinforce the relationship between the disparate elements of theology and the beauty of entropy.

Sharon McGinley | Studio 310


My paintings are narratives, full of bright color, flying fish, sleeping cats and hovering angels. The subject matter may be serious or light – it depends on the story that needs telling – and there’s always a story that needs telling.

I have exhibited nationally. I have illustrated thirteen childrens books which have been reviewed in the NY Times Book Review, Horn Book, Kirkus Review and Publishers Weekly. I have received many awards.

I use acrylic inks on paper or board. My brother Patrick builds most of my painted frames.
I accept commissions, paint small murals and give presentations to schools on illustrating children’s books. Recently I’ve started doing assemblages out of recycled materials, mostly decorative crosses, altars and masks.

Fran Parzanese | Studio 203


Please click here to view a video interview with Fran Parzanese.

Watercolor has been my passion ever since I applied my first brush stroke. I love the spontaneity of a loaded brush of pigment mixed with water to create luminous colors. I was taught by a Chinese master to paint koi fish by looking for them in a sea of paint. “Look and ye shall find” is the concept and it works. I love creating beauty, so florals and nature subjects are what I mostly paint. My love affair with painting has changed my life. I am currently retired from public school teaching and feel blessed to be able to pursue my passion. Painting changes the way you see the world and I love sharing my vision.

I work in watercolor, acrylics and oils. I do commissions for house portraits, or special subjects. I teach watercolor workshops for the Goggleworks.

Heidi Reuter | Studio 219


Please click here to view a video interview with Heidi Reuter.

Heidi Reuter has a MA with Merit in Photographic Journalism from the University of Westminster, London, a BA in Art and Communication from Muhlenberg College and has also studied Fine Art and Communication at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She now teaches photography at Alvernia University and Penn State Berks. Reuter is also a freelance photographer and graphic designer for magazines and companies based in Berks County, Philadelphia, Susquehanna Valley, Lehigh Valley, NYC, London and China. Highlights of her photography career include photographing Prince Charles, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, and Fall Out Boy. She is available for portraits, weddings and commercial work.

Medium, specialties, commissions, classes, etc: Photography – Commercial, Editorial and Weddings

Juan Carlos Ruiz Jr. | Studio 319

Artist Statement:


I was born in Reading, PA, and I am of Puerto Rican descent. Growing up, I was interested in comic books, and later in life, my influences expanded to Renaissance Art, fantasy, realism, surrealism and a little bit of abstract expressionism. After graduating from Wyomissing High School, I attended Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, where I completed courses in illustration, fine art and graphic design. When working in fantasy and sci-fi art, my main fields of interest, my style is visceral, dark, imaginary, and a little expressive, but maintains an overall realistic look. My fantasy work often contains a hidden message or tells a story. I am open to do murals, freelance illustration, portraits, graphic design, book art and more.


Patricia Scialo, Studio #221

When composing through the viewfinder, the camera becomes a tool for Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHcreating abstractions.

“My work as a fine art photographer incorporates early historic techniques with contemporary alternative processes. With a background in printmaking and papermaking I have concentrated on an art form that allows me to incorporate my love of camera work with fine art techniques.”

Each hand-crafted print becomes one-of-a-kind, using a paint brush to apply the light-sensitive emulsion onto watercolor, handmade paper and fabric. Additional surface treatments include: oil paints, pastels, graphite and encaustics.

Patricia has been a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Artist is residence for fifteen years and has been awarded state fellowship grants from New York and New Jersey. In 2006 she had a one person exhibition at the Goggle Works titled “New Mexico” after receiving an educator’s fund award from Santa Fe Workshops.

Her portrait business titled, “An Art Portrait” specializes in casual family gatherings, engagements and children with an emphasis on soft natural light. Clients have remarked on her ability to help them feel completely at ease during the portrait session.

Other services include photo restoration and custom made photographic albums.

As a GoggleWorks instructor since 2005, she continues to offer workshops for teens and adults that include pinhole camera work and creative darkroom techniques.

Elaine Soltis | Studio 211

Elaine Soltis Please click here to view a video interview with Elaine Soltis.

Elaine Soltis brings a vivid imagination, intuition and unconventional use of material to her paintings and collages. She invents her own visual art techniques and demonstrates interpretive possibilities. She feels that one moment in time is enough to change an entire life¹s passage, so she believes in being present, listening to even the silences, and being grateful for the chance to comfort the soul with art. ³Focused efforts of expression are an essential combination of taking a chance and trying,² she says.

Elaine works in water media, digital photography of nature and a subtext of a work rather than just decorative reflection.
While creating her own artistic style, she is influenced by her father who was also an artist, and she shares his passion for color.


  • Actor´s Equity
  • American Federation of Radio and TV Artists
  • Regional and State Exhibitions
  • Past Promotional Colorist and Artist for YSL, Chanel, Dior and Givenchy; Reiki Master

She is currently accepting commissioned work.


Amy Stevens | Studio 308

Amy Stevens has participated in both group and solo shows in major US cities as well as Canada, Ireland, China, Lithuania and Poland. Stevens has notably shown in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, Auburn3_2013Jen Bekman Gallery in New York and the ShiJiaZhuang Art Museum in China.   Amy’s work is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, The Cleveland Art Museum and The Beaverbrook Art Gallery in New Brunswick, Canada. Her work has been published in Real Simple, Russian Esquire, Venus Zine, and French publications étapes and Muze.

In addition to her personal artwork, Stevens is part of a two-personal international curatorial team having recently produced two exhibitions last year in Philadelphia and Dublin, with a new traveling show of Irish and American artists in the works for 2014/2015.  Stevens teaches at Albright College, Cedar Crest College, and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online.

Education: MFA photography, Tyler School of Art, Temple University
BFA studio art/ photography Arizona State University


Joseph Szimhart | Studio 207

Please click here to view a video interview with Joseph Szimhart. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Since coming to Goggleworks in 2011, my goal has been to re-energize my art career that began over 40 years ago. The rectangular canvas for me is a reflective surface as well as a window suggesting dimensional and symbolic space. Recent images tend to be expressionist responses to observable forms that include objects, animals, and people. Bold composition supports my playful application of expressive color with loose brushwork augmented at times by drips and splashes. Formal training includes the University of Dayton and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I exhibited and taught in Santa Fe, NM from 1975 through 1993 when I relocated back East in this area. As an author I wrote the novel “Mushroom Satori: The Cult Diary” published in 2013 by Aperture Press, also located in Goggleworks.

Cynthia Thomasset | Studio 304

cynthia-thomasset Please click here to view a video interview with Cynthia Thomasset.

A dream of being in a gallery filled with collages is what led me to being a studio artist at the GoggleWorks. Having collected letters and stamps my whole life; I dreamed that I saw paintings filled with stamps, words, vibrant color. I woke the day after this dream and did my first “love stamp collage”. This led me to join Berks Art Alliance and get 2 pieces accepted at a juried show at Goggleworks in the summer of 2010, which then led me to apply for studio space. It was a very natural process and I am thrilled to be part of such a vibrant community.

I am a self taught artist, combining watercolor, stamps, pen and ink, my photography and old post cards in my work. For years I was a social worker and incorporated the arts into my therapy with clients. Having secured a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment of the Arts enabled me to do a huge mosaic tile mural project with victims of domestic violence in Wilmington, Delaware where I worked for the YWCA.

I am also an adjunct professor at Albright College where I teach 5 subjects in psychology to non-traditional students in their accelerated degree program. I enjoy employing non-linguistic learning tools in the classroom; this brings an element of the arts to my academic life and students.

I do commissions and my work is available as prints.

Barbara Thun | Studio 301


I continue to explore the human connection to the natural world – our vulnerability to its power, our mirroring of its cycles and the fact that today we exist in a precarious relationship with nature. The unstable balance between man and nature could threaten the existence of both. While my work expresses the essence of nature´s finite existence and the strong structural reality of it, it is important that we recognize and protect it´s vulnerability.

Lauralynn White | Studio 305

Lauralynn White is in pursuit of her own vision. She fuses the human body LLW_Studio 305 Arts Festivalwith the landscape in her work celebrating the sacred nature of both. She expresses her core belief in the necessity of living in harmony with nature through her sublime yet powerful fusions of the human body with the earth. She believes there is an inherent oneness in all things and pursues that as a reality in her work.

White´s acclaimed Figurescapes are a mythic fusion of landscape and the human form. They strive toward oneness with the terrestrial divine. She imparts to the canvas a collective sense of earthly elegance and mystical grandeur.

Current Exhibitions:

Cohen Gallery  
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts
Reading, PA
Nov 16, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014
Opening Dec 5th 5:307:30

Schwenkfelder Heritage
Pennsburg, PA
Oct 13, 2013  Jan 17, 2014
Oct 13th 2-4pm

Green Wall  
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts,
Reading, PA
October 9 – Nov 10, 2013

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibition
Deska Galllery  
Phoenixville, PA
June 5- 28, 2013
June 6th 5-8pm

Lauralynn was born in Pottstown, PA in 1969 and educated at Savannah College of Art and Design. She holds a BFA in illustration and art history and is an exhibiting member of the National Association of Women Artists and the Visual Arts at Chautauqua. She is a member of the Allied Arts Association of America and has exhibited in New York City and internationally. Her illustrations have recently graced the pages of Mother Nature´s Daughter, a new American myth by P.S. Lutz.

Currently, she works out of Studio 305 at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA where she also serves as Gallery Director.
Visit Lauralynn White´s work at

She can be reached at


Jeremy Yoest | Studio 217


I discovered my talent for clay at PSU, Shenango campus in 1995. I was a sophomore that loved to paint and draw but I could not find a reason to commit to either medium. My intro to pottery teacher, Steve Mikola, noticed my talent and encouraged me to continue working in clay. It was the push I needed to find a medium that would continue to challenge me and reward me at the same time.

I continued my education at Youngstown State University in Ohio. There I discovered different techniques such as raku, salt firing and gas firing. I had the privilege of being a studio assistant and learning more about my chosen medium. YSU helped me excel in ceramics and learn more about design and textures.

My work since college has evolved dramatically. Focusing on larger vases and lanterns for
my functional work lets me express myself on a larger scale. The raku pieces I create are a reflection of the more expressive sculptural side of who I am. By pushing the clay to its limit natural cracks and textures created during the working process are revealed. Creating different patterns with the texture allow me to pull out emotion from each vessel. Ultimately, I want the viewer to feel something on an intimate level when looking at my work.

I have been influenced by three main individuals in my work. The first being my introduction and motivater to work in clay, Steve Mikola. Steve made almost every form imaginable. His lanterns were the most influential. They really left an impression. I enjoy making them and believe that we all have an inner light. The second influence would be Steve Branfman. His large raku forms have really inspired me to work larger. I had the privilege to take two
workshops with him at The Goggleworks. The third influence being Toshiko Takaezu. Her closed forms that embody the spirit and idea of “mystery” fascinate and captivate me. They are forms I find inspirational and they are so much fun to create.

Birdie Zoltan | Studio 307

Essentially, my work combines found or discarded objects with artistic

Birdie Zoltanprocess to create unrepentant whimsical assemblages of personality and humor. It is my intention to bring new life to these castoffs and re-purpose their existence as art. So as such, I am always searching for interesting trash, which is acquired from my daily walks, as well as visits to thrift shops, garage sales, junkyards and donations from friends familiar with my eccentricities.

The pieces employ a variety of techniques; welding, casting, weaving,
sewing, woodworking, carving and ceramics. The mood of each piece
derives organically from the objects and their innate characteristics and is never pre-planned. I am intrigued by what people throw away and enjoy revitalizing their existence.

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