Future Exhibits

Berks Art Alliance 37th Open Juried Art Exhibition

September 3 - October 16, 2016

September 11, 2016 from 4-6pm

The Berks Art Alliance is a fellowship of artists, both professional and amateur, with a common goal to encourage artists by providing educational, inspirational, and exhibition opportunities for both members and non-members. The first annual membership exhibition was held in March of 1944 at the studio and gallery at 538 Centre Avenue, Reading. It continues today at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts.

About the Juror: Jim McFarlane, AWS

Jim McFarlane, AWS, nationally and internationally recognized artist and popular teacher, is the current president and a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. He is also a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Water Color Society, and the National Society of Painters of Casein and Acrylics.

He is equally comfortable painting traditional representational paintings and non-objective abstractions. Either way, his paintings are inspired by the close-to-home beauty of his native Pennsylvania and neighboring states, by his regular vacations in Maine, or by the quiet places or exotic sites encountered on his frequent trips abroad. Jim finds the quiet solitude of a rural retreat and the clamor and cacophony of the city are equally of interest as subject matter.

Opening Reception: September 11, 4-6pm
Awards Presentation starts at 5pm


IX International Celebration of Imaginative Realism

October 19 - October 23

Coming to GoggleWorks for the first time this year, the 9th annual IX International Celebration of Imaginative Realism brings ninety juried imaginative realist artists from around the world to GoggleWorks to exhibit over 1,000 original works of art in October.

IX is the world’s largest groundbreaking art show, symposium, and celebration dedicated solely to imaginative realism–the cutting edge contemporary realist painting and sculpture–and highlights the art and artists of this discipline who currently show their work in galleries across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Others who show at IX contribute their unique vision by working in film, on games, illustrating books, and in a variety of other artistic endeavors. Imaginative realism combines classical painting and sculpting techniques with postmodern narrative subjects, focusing on the unreal, the unseen, and the impossible; offering visions of humanity’s mythic past, its unexplored future, and, in some cases, its terrifying present.

This five-day celebration at GoggleWorks will include film screenings, live demonstrations, talks, and opportunities for you to watch artists paint and draw, while seeing over 1,000 inspirational works of art. To purchase tickets and learn more, visit here.


12th Annual GoggleWorks’ Studio Artists Exhibition

October 29 - January 8

November 4, 5:30-7:30pm

More than just a space to create, GoggleWorks’ Juried Artist Studios foster growth by providing studio artists with a community of professionals in the field willing to engage critically with each other. These artists, ranging from emerging to established, produce work in a variety of genres and regularly collaborate on projects within the building and outside in our local community. This annual expose represents their recent work within multiple media; including watercolor, oil, acrylic, photography, ceramics, mixed media, and sculpture.

Portraits: Will Stanton & Charley Farrell

September 3 - October 16, 2016

Opening Reception: September 11 from 5:30-7:30pm

I attempt in a portrait to capture aspects of a person’s inner self; to reveal characteristics of strength or vulnerability, anxiety or peacefulness, self-esteem or humility, public self-image or private inner-life. While the paintings effect a recognizable likeness of each subject, it is less important to me to represent what someone looks like than to offer, through light, color, and surface, a glimpse of who they really are. Many of the subjects of these portraits will be present at the opening reception, allowing us, hopefully, to measure the success with which the paintings address these intentions. – Charley Farrell

I began working as a journalist in the 1970’s while living in New England. I first picked up a camera to support the articles I was writing. In 1980 I moved to Washington D.C. and worked for about a year as a freelance photojournalist for both the Washington Post and Washington Star. While shooting for the papers was my day job, I began doing portraits as a hobby. I found that I had a knack for getting people to relax and forget the camera was there, allowing me to capture candid moments on film. For the next three decades, I used the knack to advantage: with family, friends, and total strangers that I would meet on assignment or when shooting for pleasure. Portraits is some of that legacy. – Will Stanton


Peter Rampson

October 5 - October 15

Opening Reception: October 7 from 5:30-7:30pm

I see my self as an educator, teacher, and coach.  Education is my art.  My studio is the classroom, where I desire to be.  My students are a blank picture plane on which I draw my inspiration and energy.  Likewise, my students are motivated by me.  Students are the most important medium that I work with.  I enjoy creating with them, molding and shaping their skills and enhancing their abilities.  I mentor then to make visual connections and handle a new tools for the first time.  Working with such an impressionable medium, I must be sensitive as every students individual needs is different.  This requires me to pay careful attention to the composition that is their creativity as it builds and develops its own personality.

I find myself creating art in a variety of contexts. For as long as I can remember I have been actively creative.  My art, like myself, is a conundrum.  There just isn’t enough time to explore all of the wonderful materials available for ones own personal creativity.  I know that this is why I followed an art and design education, receiving my undergraduate degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and my graduate from North Carolina State University.  After graduating I found myself working as a freelance designer until I stepped foot back into the classroom.  Coming to Alvernia University from Ringling College of Art and Design I have just finished my 13th year in the classroom.  Taking inspiration from students and my curriculum, I possess a wealth of skills and experiences. This range allows me to move fluidly from traditional media to high tech computer generated imagery.

My current work explores numerous concepts. I find it confining just focusing on one.  These ideas take form in experimentation and grow from there.  The “Piece O Meat” series began a couple years after joining the Gogglework’s Tuesday night figure drawing group.  I enjoy satire and the idea of play on word’s.  As an educator I appreciate social implications.  Composing this series, I understand the importance of juxtaposing these qualities as I interlace them into multiple layers for the viewer to extract. This led to drawing the human figure on used butcher paper that previously wrapped something nourishing and desirable.  The food stains soaked in the paper add to the overall psychological and visual effect, balanced along side my figures.  Upon this blemished support the human figure is metaphorically equated to a “Piece O Meat” which brings light to the aesthetic and social aspects of how the nude figure is viewed.  Each drawing is finished off with a small piece of digital technology, a printed label, the butcher adheres to seal the package.  This label enhances the emphasis placed on the dichotomy between the idea of fine art and how the human body is perceived in a carnivorous society.

In Studio 240 2016

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.

The Green Wall 2016

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.

This permanent exhibition showcases the 130-year history of Willson Goggles. Historical artifacts and interactive learning activities depict the groundbreaking innovations of a company that led the world in the development of safety products. Explore the industrial history of Reading along with the personal histories of Willson Goggles factory workers.

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.

Café Space 2016

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.