Future Exhibits

IX International Celebration of Imaginative Realism

October 19 - October 23

Coming to GoggleWorks for the first time this year, the 9th annual IX International Celebration of Imaginative Realism brings ninety juried imaginative realist artists from around the world to GoggleWorks to exhibit over 1,000 original works of art in October.

IX is the world’s largest groundbreaking art show, symposium, and celebration dedicated solely to imaginative realism–the cutting edge contemporary realist painting and sculpture–and highlights the art and artists of this discipline who currently show their work in galleries across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Others who show at IX contribute their unique vision by working in film, on games, illustrating books, and in a variety of other artistic endeavors. Imaginative realism combines classical painting and sculpting techniques with postmodern narrative subjects, focusing on the unreal, the unseen, and the impossible; offering visions of humanity’s mythic past, its unexplored future, and, in some cases, its terrifying present.

This five-day celebration at GoggleWorks will include film screenings, live demonstrations, talks, and opportunities for you to watch artists paint and draw, while seeing over 1,000 inspirational works of art. To purchase tickets and learn more, visit here.


12th Annual GoggleWorks’ Studio Artists Exhibition

October 29 - January 8

November 4, 5:30-7:30pm

More than just a space to create, GoggleWorks’ Juried Artist Studios foster growth by providing studio artists with a community of professionals in the field willing to engage critically with each other. These artists, ranging from emerging to established, produce work in a variety of genres and regularly collaborate on projects within the building and outside in our local community. This annual expose represents their recent work within multiple media; including watercolor, oil, acrylic, photography, ceramics, mixed media, and sculpture.

Carol Wisker | Hosts: Life, Death, + the Absurd

November 1 - November 27, 2016

November 4, from 5:30-7:30pm

Carol Wisker’s sculptural installations use fiber and textiles, combined with furniture, mannequins, and mundane objects to express her interests in contemporary social concerns, science, and politics. Rendered with emotion and wit, the skillfully crafted, multi-media installations memorialize human and environmental loss, explore bioscience, feminism, and immigration, as well as poking fun at the politics of the visual arts world.

The soft, seductive sculptural surfaces made from individual medallions of raw, natural cotton have become Wisker’s signature media over the past six years. She uses them to form thick, dense surfaces that serve as casings for a myriad of repetitive objects; such as spent bullets, metal mechanical fittings, silk cocoons, or pieces of rubber tubing.

Much like sculptor Lee Bontecou’s repetitive use of canvas and metal structures or Chakaia Booker’s recurrent use of rubber tires, Wisker has found an untraditional material that suits her expressive needs, allowing her to create sculpture that is massive, but soft to the touch. Manufactured in India, the material is cut from bundled cotton fiber cording, an inexpensive textile typically used to line the interiors of domestic, decorative objects. Utilizing the cotton cording in a new way, not as a hidden lining, but as an external covering, she exposes its soft texture. using it as a “skin” for her carefully chosen objects, Wisker makes an analogy to the surface of the body or to surfaces in nature. The density of the material also absorbs sound, providing a somewhat peaceful oasis in our chaotic times.

Many of the objects in this exhibition, such as plaster, faces, ceramics, and animal skulls, came from the collection of Wisker’s dear friend, Vaughn Stubbs, who passed away this year. Vaughn, a Reading, Pennsylvania native, was a well-known Philadelphia artist whose work is included in many museum collections. Wisker and Stubbs met while working at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in the Division of Education, where Stubb’s taught visually-impaired adults for over forty years. Ironically, one of Stubb’s last exhibitions was in the Schmidt Gallery at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, and Wisker has dedicated Hosts: Life, Death, + the Absurd to his memory.

Carol Wisker earned her M.A. in Education and Painting from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and a B.A. in Psychology from Mansfield University, in Mansfield, PA. She works in her studio full-time since her retirement from the Philadephia Museum of Art in 2002. Her award-winning, multi-media sculpture and installations are shown regionally, her artwork has been seen in museum exhibitions, and is also included in corporate and private collections.

Derek Weidman | Circling Nature

December 2, 2016 - January 2, 2017

December 2, 5:30-7:30pm

Weidman has built a visual language out of the circular cuts of a wood lathe. The way the machine shapes wood is unique, providing almost industrial qualities–violent at times in their execution– as they tear fibers and grain of the natural, once living material. The process itself speaks to the heart of the work, finding balances between the man-made and the natural–halting, if just for a moment–the mechanical dominion of Earth, yet not erasing the progress of humanity. Designing a place where things can co-exist, speaking to this particular time on this planet, with remnants of scars on the work, yet something new–something beautiful. A new nature.

Derek Weidman was born in 1982, and has dedicated the last seven years to exploring lathe-based sculpture.  His approach involves multi-axis turning as the foundation of his work.  By using the unique shaping processes of turning, Derek has created a descriptive visual language that only the lathe can speak.  This carving process creates novel representations of a wide range of subjects, from those based on human anatomy to various animal forms.  Derek works from a basic question, “What would this look like if rendered through the lens of a wood lathe?,” and even with the most rigorous naturalism, an honest abstraction takes place, and for each new subject that question gets answered. So from human heads to rhinos, mandrills to birds, each idea being captured in a way it has not been expressed before.

In Studio 240 2016

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.

The Green Wall 2016

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.

This permanent exhibition showcases the 130-year history of Willson Goggles. Historical artifacts and interactive learning activities depict the groundbreaking innovations of a company that led the world in the development of safety products. Explore the industrial history of Reading along with the personal histories of Willson Goggles factory workers.

No future exhibitions are currently scheduled.

Café Space 2016

Daniel Roberts: Impressions

November 3 - November 28, 2016

Friday, November 4 from 5:30-7:30pm

Dan Roberts is an artist from Reading, PA. This exhibit reveals Robert’s recent movement into a form of abstract expressionism called “energy art”. It is the result of Robert’s fascination with color and light.